Cataract Surgery Options

Improved vision from cataract removal

Although you may need glasses for your best vision, most patients enjoy excellent vision with these lenses especially if they have laser cataract surgery. The optional femtosecond cataract laser improves surgery safety and precision. In addition your surgeon can use the laser to treat mild astigmatism to sharpen your vision.

Strong vision for distance or near

An astigmatism-correcting (toric) lens can help reduce your pre-existing astigmatism and usually gives clear distance or near vision without glasses after surgery. Most patients choose strong distance vision and use over-the-counter reading glasses for near. When used with the optional cataract laser, the surgery is even safer and more precise than traditional cataract surgery.

See the big picture and the up-close details

These lenses usually give you the strongest vision. Most patients will be able to see far and near without glasses but some may still use glasses occasionally. There are several types of these lenses and your doctor will help you decide which one is best for your eye. The laser for cataract surgery increases precision and reduces mild astigmatism to help you see even better! Your surgeon here at Santa Ynez Valley Eye Care & Surgery will help you make the right choice.

Reduce the Need

for Glasses!